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Welcome to GamblingMethod.com, the site developed by experts in gambling games that will enable you to make between 250 and 600 € a day through the internet in a quick and easy way.


Please read the whole content of our site carefully. It will only take you 10 minutes; probably the best invested 10 minutes in your life.

In GamblingMethod.com we offer you a gambling games group of tools developed by experts who have dedicated many years to study all the methods to win the house in online casinos. The result: The GM-BeatPack Internet.

In this section of the site, we will teach you COMPLETELY AND FOR FREE one of the methods included in the package of game strategies GM-BeatPack, called 2-BEAT-1.

Our goal is that you make money quickly with the 2-BEAT-1 method that we are offering you completely free, check how simple it is to win online casinos; and buy our GM-BeatPack e-book full of other techniques.


our methods
SUGGESTION: Before using any of the methods in the GM-BeatPack betting real money, we recommend you checking its effectiveness in "DEMO" mode or "PLAY FOR FUN" (practice mode) that online casinos have. Once you have checked it and handle the technique, it will be clever to star betting and make real money.

Before beginning, you will have to download an Online Casino. Here we recommend you Casinos where you will be able to play for free and test how simple and effective our methods are before playing for real money. Remember to test the techniques in "practice" mode (demo) until feeling totally confident, no matter how long it may take you. The key to make money on the Internet and to win the house in online casinos is patience.

STEP 1 - From one (or more) of these Online Casinos, download the program to play, choose the one you like the most, the one you feel the most comfortable with

STEP 2 - Run the setup program (100% Virus-Free). Such program is necessary to be able to play, either in free mode, or to be able to interact with the cashier in case you decide to play for real money.

STEP 3 - Choose if you want to play in DEMO mode (Play for fun) or in REAL mode (Play for Real Money). In case you choose to play for real money, we recommend that you make an initial deposit over 90 Euros/Pounds (for example 100 €), since there are special bonuses that duplicate the initial deposit, so by depositing 100€ to you will be credited 200€ in your account !!! And you´ll need at least that ammount not to be stressed while playing.

STEP 4 - Let's play! Try the astonishing effectiveness of our methods, beginning with the one we will teach you here: The 2-BEAT-1 Method.
online casinos

Once you have installed one or more casino programs (see the box above), you will be ready to check for yourself, totally for free, the effectiveness of one of our methods in the GM-BeatPack: the "2-BEAT-1" method, pobably the top money making technique.

This method is one of the simplest. You won´t believe how effective it is until you´ve tried it.

Please be sure to start playing this method with at least 100€ on your account.

The method, especially designed for the European roulette, consists in only betting on color (chance), i.e. RED or BLACK.

Do it as follows:

- Bet 1€ on BLACK.
     - If they call RED, double your bet on BLACK (i.e., bet 2€ on BLACK).
     - If they call RED again, double your previous bet on BLACK (i.e., bet 4€ on BLACK).

- This way successively (two-fold your previous bet) until the color you´ve bet comes out.

The gambling pattern (flow chart) we introduce to the right illustrates in an easy way, how to apply the 2-BEAT-1 method.

IMPORTANT: Once the color on which you are betting comes out, start all over again betting ONLY 1� on the opposite color.


Gambling Method



- The key of this system is to keep the initial bet (and every time you win) at 1€.

- Only raise your initial bet to2€ when your gains are higher than 300€, to 3€ once they €and so on.

- Keep your patience, stay cold, and don't use the same method for more than one hour a day!
most payin casinos

Some On-line Casinos can detect and neutralize this and other gambling methods. It´s for this reason that our team checks the efficiency of our method in most of the on-line casinos everyday and will keep you informed.

This is the list of the most paying casinos for the 2-BEAT-1 method checked on November 27th 2012.

Keep informed on which online casinos are paying more, in which casinos our methods are working better, and which have special bonuses you won’t like to miss, as well as all important information to increase your profits.

Our bulletin is possible thanks to casinoculars.com, a service that gathers statistical data sent by online casino players all over the world.


If you have read up to here, we are sure you have tried and confirmed the efectiveness and safety of our techniques, besides having earned an interesting sum of money.


To make our readers earn money is our objective. This is the final aim of our site because we are players since a long time ago and the techniques that we are giving you now have largely benefited us economically.


That's why we do not want to profit with this site but help other players to maximize their earnings, minimizing their time!

Guida per Fare Soldi

We do not ask for anything in exchange, as many other sites do.

However, we believe that the success in any business depends on the exchange of its parts. That is why we send the complete and improved set of the techniques 2-Beat-1 in exchange of a contribution, the one you considered the set is worth.


In this way you can earn more money and we can maintain our site , so we can both profit. Remember, you make the contribution only if you want our complete set of strategies to earn money on the internet casinos.


It is not a fixed contribution and it is not compulsory if you want to apply only the method that is mentioned here.However the more strategies you know the more chances you have of earning more money.




Single payment only. The payment is totally safe and via ClickBank which has the latest systems in encriptation and security.

You can have these method immediately, in your house, at any time of the day.